Эхлэл хуудас

  Бидний туршлага

Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar hotel project

ASEM Villa project apartment


Emerald apartment construction project

Salkhit Wind farm project some part of equipment supply

Sainshand-Zaminud Road construction equipment project

National Amusement park equipment supply project

Viva city apartment construction project

Buddha Vista Apartment project

UN military equipment tranportation project from Sierra Leone/Africa to Mongolia

Ramada Hotel project

Eznis Airways Hunger construction project

Cyanide Shipment Logistics Organization Project from China to the Destination for Boroo Gold Company

"Tsetsii" apartment construction project in Uhaa Khudag

"Crystal town" construction project

Zaisan 1 & 2 apartment construction project by MCS Property

Chemical shipments to Oyu Tolgoi project

Milk JS factory equipment

Cyanide Shipment Logistics Organization Project from China to the Destination for Boroo Gold Company

Agricultural Equipment Supply Shipments from China to Mongolia under the “ATAR-3” Project by the Government of Mongolia

Communication Equipment & Technology Innovation Project Shipments from China by Information and Communication Technology Authority (ICTA), Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

M & G Construction Project Shipment to Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar City Urban Development Project-2 by MCS International for Water Supply Equipment Transportation from China

MCS-APB Brewery Equipment Supply Project Transportation by the Heineken to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Different Pipe and Equipment Supply Transportation from China to Mongolia Destinations for the “Integrated Development of Basic Urban Services in Provincial Towns Project of the Ministry of Construction of Mongolia

Hotel Hilton Construction Project by BCEGMN Transportation to the Site, Ulaanbaatar

Itochu-Monroad Eastern Road Construction Project shipments to Mongolia

Zuunbayan Oil Exploration & Production shipments of Equipment & Supply Materials of Sinopec Dongsheng Petroleum Project from China to Zuunbayan, Dornogobi

Seoul Royal Construction Housing Project Shipments to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia